Tuesday, June 26, 2012

That joke's not funny any more - Rodriguez casts Charlie Sheen in "Machete Kills"


I've written at length about how disappointing "Machete" was. It's all the more disappointing because I still defend Rodriguez. Guy has skills. But "Machete" made for a pretty lame film and a lame hero to boot. Now, Rodriguez is casting the sequel "Machete Kills" (I like the title) and he's announced that Charlie Sheen will play the President of the U.S.A. Sigh. I understand that "Machete" was frontloaded with stunt casting. But I thought most of it worked. But not Lohan. And Sheen is in that wheelhouse. It's too arch and doesn't feel genuine. I posted the video above to remind us that Rodriguez is capable of making something where he doesn't have his tongue planted firmly in his cheek the whole time. Or maybe the joke is on me. Cue Bee Gees...


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