Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cracked says Terminator 2: Great Movie, Terrible Sequel

Yes. This, a thousand times this.

I have always said that T2 is a great film, but a super dumb sequel. The main thing (and we will cover this in greater detail in the "future"*) is that it creates a slippery slope that leads to the narrative assumption that a Terminator could be thrown at John Connor or John Connor's antecedents at any time, as opposed to the one-shot deal in the first Terminator. Hence, you have T3, that Terminator TV show, and any other ancillary titles that may come up because they need to figure out another way to make one of these damn cash-ins work, without having to completely ignore John Connor. Even the first fucking Terminator movie to focus on the aftermath of Judgment Day focuses on Connor. Fuck!

*see what I did there?


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