Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Big Trouble in Little China" - Unsequelized: November 18, 2010


I'd say it's pretty clear by my Blogger handle that I'm a big fan of "Big Trouble in Little China". At least it should be clear to any film nerd reading this online. See, when I was growing up I had no real knowledge of others who loved some of the weirder movies that held a special place in my heart. As much shit as I give the interweb, one thing it did turn me onto was the notion that there were other likeminded souls out there and that I wasn't crazy for loving this bizarre little flop about, well, what "Big Trouble in Little China" is all about.

With Unsequelized I will be discussing some of my favorite films that flopped pretty hard and were therefore guaranteed zero chance at being sequelized. (At least, some of them have zero chance. I'm shocked by Tron:Legacy. Maybe my friend will finally get his fucking Last Starfighter sequel made.) Big Trouble in Little China is a film that, upon my initial viewing as a 7 year-old kid in a mall movie theater, left me begging for more. Jack Burton, jackass that he is, was my favorite movie hero for a long time. He was built like Rambo, but talked shit like Peter Venkman, and he was part of one of the most head-spinning adventures ever unleashed on the big screen.


Me, being a 7 year-old who knew fuck-all about a movie's success or lack thereof at the time, I was shocked that more Jack Burton movies weren't released two years, three years later. I got my first real notion of how big a movie could get when the summer of 89 kicked my head in, but I still thought Big Trouble was a kickass movie, others must have loved it, and we'd be getting more. Except I was all alone in my love of this flick, the movie was a flop and we would never find out what happened when Jack found that banshee bitch hanging out in the back of his truck. Shit.

Well, at least we'd have Ash and the Evil Dead movies. More on that later...


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