Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oscar Noms, Toy Story 3 Unknowingly Receives Yet Another Honor and Some Academy History Trivia For Ya!

Well the nominations are in and none of them are surprising. However, I am shocked that Nolan wasn't nominated for Inception, yet David O Russell was for The Fighter. Don't get me wrong. I liked The Fighter more than I liked Inception. I just can't imagine a director who is an Academy member nominating Inception for Best Picture and then not giving Nolan the nod over Russell. Nolan made something as far-reaching and nominally ambitious as Academy faves like James Cameron. Well, sorry Chris. You'll get it one day, I'm sure. This just isn't your year, as they say.

Toy Story 3 adds another to its long list of accomplishments by becoming the first Part 3 in a film series to be nominated for Best Picture, while neither of the two previous entries got the nom. Nice to see some acknowledgement for good sequels. True it's going to a sequel that wasn't the best in the series, and it is coming from a source that feels like it always honors safe bets and is constantly in a state of trying to catch up with trends and make amends for its own self-imposed limitations (hello, original score category). But it's some sequel love none the less and that makes me happy.

Finally, I've got Oscar trivia for ya. It's not hard. I actually answered this question on-air last year as part of a trivia contest at LA's beloved KROQ. I got the question right and for my achievement I was awarded with 5 of that year's Best Pictures on DVD. E-mail me your answer and I'll send you a goodie. Here ya go:

What are the only two trilogies to have every one of their respective entries be nominated by the Academy for Best Picture? Go!


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