Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Non-Sequel-Related Piece of 2011: "The Green Hornet" Is Really Good

I'll keep this short and sweet. I had ZERO expectations for "The Green Hornet". The trailers didn't "wow me". I was taken aback by Gondry's involvement from the word jump. Cameron Diaz seemed a rather boring choice. The buzz about development and casting didn't fill me with any hope. And yet, when I saw the film opening night, I was absolutely engaged.

Rogen and Goldberg's script, while far from perfect, really has a lot of fun in mind while playing with the notion of two superhero wannabes getting their shit together long enough to BARELY fight crime. Gondry's direction in the action sequences is superb and suprised the hell out of me. And bad guy Waltz and brand-new "Kato" Chou absolutely steal the show.

Are there problems? Sure. But they are, surprisingly, so unremarkable that to recount them here would be less than beneficial. If you've had any doubts about seeing this flick, please take the time to catch it on the big screen. You can skip the 3D and go right to a 2D showing, but, please, see it on the big screen. It's worth it.


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