Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sooner or Later I Was Gonna Have to Do my First "Tron:Legacy" Post

My fellow web-slingers over at Badass Cinema have a new article discussing more of the marketing and merchandising avalanche Disney has cooked up for the (WAY, WAY, WAY) past-due sequel to the financial flop everybody seems to love now. God, I love geek revisionist history.

You can see my post reprinted below. I really don't now what to make of this flick. I wanna see it. Love the original, have since I was little. Do I really think this thing is gonna have a shelf-life for the masses longer than say two weeks? If it's anything like the original, nope.

My post on Badass Cinema:
I can't imagine this flick doing Avatar business. Even with all the marketing dollars being dropped on it like so much gravy on a KFC biscuit, this thing has a very (to me) limited audience. I mean that in the immediate sense and in the future.

The people who are nostalgic for the original - how many are there? I didn't know anybody who liked this movie when I was a kid. Since then, I've met, MAYBE, a dozen real-world people who actively watch the original film on repeat to this day.

As for the audience of today and the future, I think so much of this is gonna travel right over their heads, just like the original did over 25 years ago. If it's anything like that flick, the concepts aren't as simple and one-sided, therefore audience-friendly, as something as black and white as Avatar.

I know I'll be there opening day. I think I'll probably wind up seeing it a couple more times after that. But I see serious diminishing returns for this flick.


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