Thursday, November 4, 2010

Does Thanksgiving Really Need to Get Here So Quickly?

On my drive to work today I saw a billboard for the new Dwayne "I Don't Care What Vince McMahon Allows He'll Always Be The Rock To Me" Johnson actioner Faster. The tagline for the flick is "Slow Justice is No Justice". All right that I can hang with. It's ridiculous in a way that seems in line with the flick's overall aesthetic. But then, down at the bottom, in lieu of a release date it just says "This Years Thanksgiving Comes Faster". Stew on that for a minute. Okay. What marketing genius came up with that one? What does Thanksgiving have to do with a movie where The Rock runs around shooting people in the head? Do we really need Thanksgiving to get here any faster than the last Thursday of November? And why is it I can't help but think of that guy fucking the turkey in Eli Roth's Grindhouse trailer?


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